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Let the journey begin "To Heal Within"

We offer massage services for those dealing with chronic tension and pain, or just seeking a better quality of life during their wellness journey while promoting self-awareness and making bodycare products.

See what our clients had to say...

"Perfectly named! Everything in the spa subtly whispers tranquility. I was so relaxed, I dozed off twice ~and I wasn’t sleepy when I got there!! The tension in my neck and back melted away as Lucretia worked and I left feeling absolutely renewed!"

- Jeanine Smith

"Great massage therapist who takes her time to ensure you have a great experience! If you are looking for a massage therapist to relieve stress or to just treat yourself to a much needed massage, call her to book an appointment!"

-  Jacksontabasco

"I was experiencing joint pain and limited range of motion. However, after my 90min session, my range of motion improved, there was a decrease in pain, and I slept so much better!"

- Sherry Jackson

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